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Welcome to Dynamite. Our mission along with every distributor is to improve the lives of all living creatures through high quality products manufactured to our exacting standards.


Product Line Overview

The Equine Foundational Program will depend primarily on activity, energy level, additional nutritional requirements, and your preference for ease of feeding. To meet other specific needs of your animal, review our additional products for further supplementation.

Option #1: Dynamite's most popular foundation product is original formula Dynamite vitamin and mineral supplement. Dynamite is favored by trainers of race, endurance, event, dressage, and other hard-working horses.
Option #2: For horses with lower physical demands, we recommend Dynamite Plus.
Option #3: For performance and/or high-needs horses, we recommend feeding TNT, which is a combination of Dynamite, Easy Balance (metabolic support and calming), Free & Easy (joint health), Izmine (trace minerals and detoxification), Excel (digestion catalyst), and HES, all in easy-to-feed pellets.
For whichever option you choose, round out the foundation program by providing all four Free Choice Mineral products in separate, open feeders, kept full year-round. 1 to 1, 2 to 1, Izmine, and NTM Salt were designed to allow horses to instinctively balance calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals, microtrace minerals, and salt as they would if allowed to roam freely in nature. Additionally, we always recommend adding Dyna Pro prebiotic to enhance mineral absorption and support digestive health.

Foundation Products:


This state-of-the-art supplement reflects decades of research, development, and use by the top trainers in the country. It is a complete balanced formula containing enzymes, coenzymes, biocatalyst microorganisms, amino acids, cultured gut bacteria, vitamins, and bioavailable minerals. Users report increased competitive edge, better attitude, hoof growth, and bloom. This is our high selenium supplement, containing 1.75 mg per training dose and is the product favored by trainers of race, endurance, event, dressage, and other hard-working horses.

Dynamite Plus™

Dynamite Plus has all the goodness of Dynamite at a reduced level, with the addition of coenzymes and herbs to help calm and balance the gut pH. It is an excellent supplement for animals that do not need the additional "horsepower" generated by the original Dynamite.


Each 1-1/3 cup of TNT contains a synergistic combination of Dynamite, Easy Balance, Izmine, Free & Easy, Excel, and HES This product is the ultimate supplement. Because it contains some of our most popular products all-in-one, it is easy to feed and produces amazing results.

Dyna Pro®

Equine health depends on a thriving population of beneficial gut microbes. Dyna Pro is designed to create the ideal conditions for microbes to come out of dormancy, multiply, and thrive so your horse gets optimal utilization of food and supplements.

TIP: We suggest
using PGR (Pelleted Grain Ration), if you choose to feed grain, and all four of the Free Choice Minerals
(1 to 1, 2 to 1, Izmine,
and NTM Salt.) We also recommend feeding a good grass hay as the basic forage with a maximum of 10% alfalfa hay to balance the calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Free Choice Minerals

The Daily Foundation products are designed to cover 98% of what most horses need. The other 2% is a fine tuning and the requirements will fluctuate with stress, weather, changes in hay, etc. The Dynamite Free Choice Minerals are included in the Dynamite Daily Foundation Program to provide the nutrients that horses would ordinarily be able to forage for themselves in the wild. We control what our horses eat and it is our responsibility to supply them with the vital minerals missing in their diets. For example, when horses are left to roam freely, they will forage plants growing in calcium-rich soils, and then travel miles in another direction to consume plants rich in phosphorus for the balance. A horse's natural instinct is to self-regulate.
We recommend supplying all four of these products in separate, open feeders that are protected from weather so your horses can feed on them in a free-choice manner.

1 to 1 Free Choice™

2 to 1 Free Choice™


NTM Salt™

Nutritional Solutions:

HES™ (High Energy Supplement Pellets)

25% protein and 8% fat make this popular Dynamite product an ideal addition to the grain ration for hard-working horses, lactating broodmares, growing horses, or hard keepers. It is also makes an excellent grain substitute for easy keepers and carb-intolerant horses. The fat is in the form of non-GMO whole extruded soybeans, which are expeller processed without any of the typical toxic chemical distillates.

Pelleted Grain Ration (PGR)

PGR is a clean, high-quality grain ration consisting of chemical-free oats, corn, barley, Dynamite Plus, and Dynamite HES. Fat is provided in the form of whole extruded soybeans.

Additional Supplements:

Once your horse has been on the foundation program for at least 60 days,* you can assess whether additional nutrients are needed. Additional products should be added one at a time, and you may want to adjust the amount of the foundation program you feed as you add in other Dynamite products. Remember that “less is more” with Dynamite!
*It takes blood 120 days to regenerate, so results will continue beyond the 60-day period mentioned above.

Joints, cartilage, & Ligament Suport: Free & Easy
Immune Boost: Hiscorbadyne
Herbal Antiparasitic: Herbal Tonic
Holistic Hoof Health: Dyna Hoof
Stress Symptions: Easy Boy
Digestion & pH Balance: Excel
Immune System Support: SOD
Nutritional Support for Breeding: Breeder Pac
Antioxidant Supplement: OxE Mega
Electrolyte Replacement: Dyna Spark
Blood Sugar & Thyroid Balance: Easy Balance
Stressful Situations: Super Stress

Vitamin C: Ester C®
Homepathic Relaxing Agent: Tranquil
Natural Fear Reducer: Relax
Competitive Horses: Pre-Race Pak
Concentrated Chlorophyll: Herbal Green
Ulcers and Poltices: Miracle Clay
Oxygen Storage in Blood: DMG
Natural Pain Reducer: Yucca
Bioavailable Form of Sulfur: MSM
Vitamin E and Selenium: Premium E-Selenium
Pasture Animal Supplementation: V/M Salt Mix
Insect Related Skin Issues: Dyna Shield

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