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Just as with TLC Barrel Horse Training's philosopy you must have a solid training foundation for your horses to be successful in competition. With that said you must also have a solid nutritional foundation too! That is why I have teamed up with Dynamite and promote it to all of my customers! If you only purchase their foundation products as I have my horses on, that will be the best foundation your horse can be on! So much research has gone into these products just as with my 20 plus years training program, that is what makes Dynamite products so special! Later I suggest you sign up as a distributor for best pricing and to make money too, But first just start off buying product to see for yourself what amazing changes you will see in your own horses! I suggest you start with the 4 free choice minerals starter pack with stall mounting tubs, then look at Dyna Pro and Dynamite. Those three items will cover all your horses foundation needs! Contact me for more information and read up on their research and ingredients here and on you tube.

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