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Welcome to my Dynamite Specialty Products website! My husband and I sell E. Washington hay each weekend from our farm in Snoqualmie, Wash. For more than 20 years we raised beautiful, athletic Arabian horses that have gone on to excel in endurance and trail riding.
Dynamite products have been vital in that success _ helping us raise healthy, happy, sane horses that stay sound. From pregnant mares to growing foals to mature horses and "oldsters," Dynamite has provided superior nutrition _ I've never found anything better!
Equally excellent are Dynamite's human supplements, as well as its super premium dog food, canine supplements and and feline products.
It's my joy and privilege to share Dynamite with our customers and all the animal lovers I encounter!
If you're familiar with Dynamite and know what you want, feel free to shop here at your convenience. If you have any questions, I'm happy to talk with you.
*Note: If you're interested in "heavy" products (such as Dog Food or Pelleted Grain Ration), please contact me directly. I bring those products in by the ton and so can save you on shipping costs.
Here's to perfect health for you and your animal companions!

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Kathy McCarthy
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