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My story really begins in the late 80's when I lived next door to a great lady that had horses! (I was 10 at the time) She was a Dynamite distributor and had amazing healthy horses. Fast forward to 2006 after the natural birth of my daughter, I fractured my tail bone in the process. Enter Free & Easy joint formula! By the time I used half the bottle I could comfortably sit again. Now in 2015 I have used Free & Easy for arthritis pain (what pain?) It's great to have a reliable product on hand.
I've tried DM Plus, Mega-botanicals (really are tasty), Trimins (perfect for relaxing sleep and regularity), haven't tried the cat food but my cat Tiger has and he is so soft and silky, and of course healthy, Tea tree oil (a must have) the Deoderizer (TRULY AMAZING), the trace mineral salt and the shampoo/conditioner. All awesome.
Let me know if you are interested in becoming a distributor and if I can help you find your own personal Dynamite story.

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