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As a native of Colorado I was grateful to return to Colorado near my family after relocating several times for my husband's work. Property with a barn near where my great grandfather homesteaded was perfect for the horsewoman deep inside me. Over the next several years I loved and bred numerous cutting and reining horses and was exposed to the miracles of equine massage.

I was fortunate to be certified under one of the early pioneers in therapeutic equine massage in 2000. In an effort to change the world for horses I and my partner set about working in training barns and back pastures throughout Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. Seeking more tools to accomplish more I studied equine chiropractic, acupressure, cranial sacral and energy therapies. While we accomplished things veterinarians thought impossible we were dismayed that many times they were not long lasting. A new friend, who would become my mentor, and Platinium Director with Dynamite Specialty Products, Rowan Emrys, suggested we add minerals to the equation. Nutrition was the solution and has since been the foundation for my practice. In 2002 I founded Sport Horse Therapeutic Equine Massage, a program that teaches horse owners, trainers, vets and vet techs to read soreness behaviors, identify their source and work toward solutions all with a nutritional foundation. Often the best way to help horse/pet owners understand what is happening to their animal is to correlate it to what it would be for themselves. This inevitably leads to, "I have ..... what can I do for that?" Thus for these many years I have been educating and advising pet owners about themselves and their animals.

Watching my parents decline with Alzheimer's/dementia and kidney disease I went to a county sponsored program for caregivers. I was amazed that the first thing 19 of 21 participants with loved ones suffering from neurodegenerative diseases would say to characterize them was that they loved cookies. Having done considerable research on my own I set out to find out just who this "Cookie Monster" is that is steeling the minds and wisdom of our loved ones from us. I enrolled in the Masters program at Nutrition Therapy Institute and have continued my studies in nutrigenomics to best counsel clients on a holistic path toward health. Dynamite's premier quality supplements are a perfect foundation building opportunity for any species.

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