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I was drawn to animals and healing at a very young age. A family friend shared her knowledge of Reiki, Touch For Health and nutrition with me. From the time I could toddle, I thought all kids got muscled tested, supplemented, and visited the chiropractor for injuries. A variety of pets, from dogs and cats to fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, even a tarantula gave me broad experience with animal care. As a teenager, Carrie I handled Siberian Huskies in conformation and junior showmanship classes. I started riding horses during elementary school, learning hunt seat and training level dressage at Connecticut's New Canaan Mounted Troop and Ox Ridge Hunt Club. In high school I drifted away from my eastern medicine roots and embraced the more conventional western medicine approaches to animal health. Losing my horse Buck to a horrible colic nudged me back toward the eastern medicine path. In the early 1990s my horse Poco developed navicular disease, ringbone and arthritis at the age of 12, and he was put out to pasture. In desperation we turned to homeopathy and nutrition, and 2 years later Poco was sound again! Poco then gave me a wonderful case of whiplash, which led to a chiropractor that practiced bio energy work, who led to Dr Regan Golob, Judy Sinner and Dynamite, and presto, a new career was born!

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