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Carolyn has a deeply intuitive connection to animals.   She could not have a pet as a child so she talked to the birds, squirrel and plants & trees.  She confided in her stuffed animals.  She took her stuffed dog and elephant everywhere with her.  She saw animals in the clouds.

Her first week at college she got her first pet – a goldfish.  Her next pet was her dog Buddy who she got right after a divorce.   Buddy unconditionally filled the sadness in her heart and Carolyn could feel safe opening her heart again.  Buddy’s absolute love and support helped her feel her own energy and power and begin to trust herself and her intuition.

When she lost her high-tech job in 2006, Carolyn wanted to give the peace of mind to other dog owners when they worked that she wished she had.   She created a pet care company, Ashland Pet Concierge, and quickly realized that her deep connection to animals was not just with her own dog.  Shy animals came out for her.  She was a soothing presence to anxious animals.

One day, Carolyn realized that she had continued her childhood habit of having two-way conversations with her pet clients.  But she now knew she wasn’t making up the animal’s side of the conversation, they were communicating with her!

When she was attuned to Reiki she noticed that her connection became even stronger.    Animals often joined a session to support the healing of the people.

As she started her Intuitive work, people’s animals showed up regularly to give messages and guidance.

However, she was blocked around communicating with her own animals. Buddy was so patient and loving with her and supportive in her journey.  She knew his health was failing and was afraid on some level to hear what he had to say.  Two days before it was his time to transition, she heard him clearly and distinctly state that he loved her and that it was time for him to move on.   As sad as she was knowing that she was going to lose him in the physical form, she was thrilled that she was now open to communicating with him. She knew his unique tone and was comforted that they had an open channel.  He is now on the other side continuing to support her spiritual development and ability to connect with life of all types.

Animals help ground people in relationships and their own energy.  They also support deep connection to intuitive flow.

Carolyn incorporated this all into her mission of creating heart centered relationships and connections to deepen the bond between pets and their people.  She lives in MA with her 2 young adult kids, dog, 2 cats, and fish.

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