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Welcome to Dynamite. Our mission along with every distributor is to improve the lives of all living creatures through high quality products manufactured to our exacting standards.

wound care

Product Line Overview

Our wound-care products are specifically designed be extremely versatile and useful for all species.


Soothe and Detoxify: Miracle Clay
Unique Healing Agent: Trace Minerals
Natural, All-Purpose Balm
Herbal Topical Salve: Wound Salve
Homeopathic Spray: Release
Pure Colloidal Silver: Solace
Natural Antiseptic: Tea Tree Oil
All-Natural Cleanser: Wound Wash


For a great sampling of eight different wound care products try our Topcial Aid Kit.Topical Aid Kit

Miracle Clay
Wound Salve
Wound Wash
Trace Minerals Concentrate
Tea Tree Oil

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