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Welcome to Dynamite. Our mission along with every distributor is to improve the lives of all living creatures through high quality products manufactured to our exacting standards.

Canine Overview


Product Line Overview

The Canine Foundational Program consists of our Super Premium Dog Food, Canine TNT, and Dyna Pro®. To meet other specific needs of your animal, review our additional supplementation recommendations.


Super Premium Dog Food
This top-selling dog food is a great choice for people who want a high-end baked kibble. It contains its own supplement and does not contain corn.

Dyna Pro is a key ingredient to any animal's foundation program. Canine Cookies
Good dogs deserve a great treat. This wheat-free and corn-free treat is a great tool to use for training or as a reward for just being a "good boy."

Foundational Supplements:

Canine TNT
Premium, all-in-one top-dress. Canine TNT can be given to dogs in all life stages from puppies over 3 months through adult dogs.

Dyna Pro
Prebiotic supplement for all dogs. Dyna Pro is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency and optimize nutrient absorption.

If you prefer to feed our baseline supplement (Showdown) separate from our all-in-one product, it can be purchased separately.
Showdown (medium to large dogs)
Showdown for Small Dogs (smaller dogs)
Showdown Pro (performance dogs)
Showdown Pro (breeding dogs-stud and bitch)

Additional Supplements:

Joint and Arthritis Issues: Free & Easy
Natural Wormer: Herbal Tonic
Indoor-Only Dogs: Herbal Green
Natural Fear Reducer: Relax

Coat Support: Dyna Coat
Electrolyte Replacement: Dyna Spark
Immune Boost: Hiscorbadyne
Homepathic Relaxing Agent: Tranquil

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