Livestock The Dynamite Way

Because livestock is a broad category, we will only make general recommendations on this page, helping to give overall descriptions of how our products can be used. We recognize that each species has its own special needs and at the same time, there are baseline nutritional requirements that all species follow. As the animal caretaker, it’s up to you to know the nuances of the species you are caring for and we hope the information on this page will help you in that endeavor.

At Dynamite we pride ourselves in using products that are produced right here in the USA. We have manufacturing facilities located all across the country to make sure that we keep things local. We also take extra special care of our products by purchasing GMO free ingredients.

Since 1933, the Zamzow Family mill has been making goat feed and for a long time it was the largest maker of dairy goat feed on the west coast. That mill still operates today and produces the time-proven all-natural products marketed under the Dynamite brand.

For more information, please seek the help of your distributor.

Nutritional Products for Goats

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Pelleted Grain Ration (PGR)




Herbal Tonic

Miracle Clay

*This item contains Copper. Not recommended for use in Sheep.

Free Choice Minerals (a mineral buffet of 5 items):

  1. Ruminant Free Choice | A vitamin and mineral salt mix for all browsing and grazing livestock
    This product contains copper. Use caution when feeding to sheep or any species that have a low tolerance to copper.
  2. Izmine™
  3. NTM™ Salt
  4. 1 to 1 Free Choice™
    *This item contains Copper. Not recommended for use in Sheep.
  5. 2 to 1 Free Choice™
    *This item contains Copper. Not recommended for use in Sheep.
*Please note that we recommend, for optimal animal health, you use all 5 of these items in combination whenever possible.