Mega Botanicals

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Delicious, all-day energy that's GOOD for you!
This great tasting 'super food' contains chlorophyll-rich super greens, digestive enzymes, immune enhancing mushrooms, herbs, probiotics and powerful antioxidants. Drink it in the morning or for your mid afternoon pick-me-up. The combination provides all-natural energy as well as foundational, pH balancing and long lasting health benefits.

Mega Botanicals Tips:
• Add fresh lemon to cut the sweetness
• Use as a natural sweetener in iced tea
• Add to smoothies to boost greens

Also available a money-saving Supplement Value Pack:
180 Mega Pack Features: DM Plus, Tri-Mins, 2 bottles of 180, and Mega Botanicals.
Save $21.90 (over buying products separately)