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180 is a combination of homeopathic and herbal ingredients to aid your body in accessing abnormal fat stores, eliminating toxins, supporting the hypothalamus, and creating a feeling of well-being. Dynamite 180 is a natural, homeopathic, herbal product and does not contain any hormones. Supporting your filtering organs during this process is critical. 180 contains added herbs to help your body support toxin filtering while you are burning up 'old fat.' Additional 'helper' herbs are also included for good measure.

We want you to be successful in your quest for better health and weight loss. Every bottle of 180 is backed up by some additional support from Dynamite - your bottle of 180 will come with a PRODUCT USAGE PROTOCOL BOOKLET. This booklet is your guide to success. It has all the instructions, eating plans, food journal, measurement charts, and more. 1 oz (18-day supply) Please click on the "Additional Info" tab to your right to watch a short instructional video BEFORE you order. We look forward to hearing about your success!

Also available in money-saving bundle packs:

180 Dyna-Lite Pack
Features: DM Plus, Tri- Mins, Dyna-Lite, and 2 bottles of 180. Save $21.90 over buying products separately.

180 Mega Pack
Features: DM Plus, Tri-Mins, 2 bottles of 180, and Mega Botanicals. Save $21.90 over buying products separately.

180 Starter Pack
Features: DM Plus, Tri-Mins and 1 bottle of 180. Save $13.95 over buying products separately.