Judy's Parasite Pack

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Judy's Parasite Pack

Judy's Parasite Pack includes the recommended Dynamite products for Full Moon Parasite Cocktail for Horses (see below).

One of the best and easiest ways to give your horses Herbal Tonic is by using Judy Sinner’s Full Moon Parasite Cocktail (now available in a money-saving pack). It includes Herbal Tonic 28 oz., Excel 1lb (digestion catalyst), Miracle Clay Powder 1lb (detoxifier), and Dyna Pro 16oz (pre-biotic) to support the entire process of deworming.

For a 1000 lb horse combine:
-- 2 oz Herbal Tonic
-- 1 oz (dry) Clay
-- 1 tsp Excel
-- A squirt of Dyna-Pro

Mix into well-soaked grass hay pellets and feed once a day for 7 days over the full moon. Start 3 days before and end 3 days after, so both waxing and waning phases are covered along with the actual full moon.

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