Equine Daily Foundation

Dynamite begins with an equine Foundation that includes three parts:

PART 1: A vitamin & mineral supplement (TNT)
PART 2: A prebiotic (Dyna Pro)
Note: Parts 1 and 2 work together to provide the majority of needs the majority of the time (98% of the daily, consistent, predictable needs of the horse).
PART 3: Free Choice Minerals (1 to 1 Free, Choice, 2 to 1 Free Choice, Izmine, and NTM Salt - plus feeders)

Four Free Choice minerals are offered because the mineral needs of all horses fluctuate due to weather, stress, activity level, emotions, hormones, changes in hay, and all kinds of things. Free choice minerals provide about 2% of the overall needs “filling-in” where nature and man create a gap.

The Equine Foundation will maintain health in a healthy horse.

The Equine Daily Foundation Pack contains:

  • TNT 20# Bag
  • Dyna Pro 16oz
  • Free Choice Starter with Feeders

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