180 Detox Kit

Today’s exposure to environmental toxins is staggering. Our air, water, food supply, beauty products, household furnishings….almost everything in our lives carries a toxin load that affects our overall health. This thoughtfully selected product offering is the ultimate in detoxification kits. Every product in the 180 Detox Kit is targeted to produce the best results.

180 Detox – The genesis of shaping lifestyle changes that last.

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The 180 Detox Kit Contains

  • 240 ct (2 month supply) of DM PLUS and TRI-MINS
  • 1 bottle of 180
  • .75 oz NTM SALT
  • 120 ct bottle of IZMINE
  • 6 capsules of PREMIUM MAGNESIUM
  • 2 oz of MIRACLE CLAY
  • 5 servings of MEGA BOTANICALS
Plus your personal 180 Detox Protocol Booklet & Mega Botanicals Shaker

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